Class Based ViewsΒΆ

If you want to test class-based view you should do it like this:

from djet import testcases

from fooapp.views import foo_view

class FooViewTest(testcases.ViewTestCase):
    view_class = foo_view

    def test_foo_view_get(self):
        request = self.factory.get()
        # assertions for request

        response = self.view(request)
        # assertions for response

There is special create_view_object helper for testing single view methods, which applies the view_kwargs specified to created view object. You can also provide request, args and kwargs here and they will be bounded to view, like it normally happens in dispatch method.

You can always create view object with different kwargs by using self.view_class constructor.

class YourViewObjectMethodTest(testcases.ViewTestCase):
    view_class = YourView
    view_kwargs = {'redirect_url': '/'}

    def test_some_view_method(self):
        request = self.factory.get()
        view_object = self.create_view_object(request, 'some arg', pk=1)